Old Queens Road, Karachi, Pakistan Railways Bridge, Karachi

Anwar Ali

Anwar Ali the famous Pakistani cricketer join sports week at Al-Nadi-al-Burhani. Different coaches held different activities for the people of Dawoodi Bohra Community. Youngsters, as well as adults, participated in the event by making it successful.

The participation of Anwar Ali added a glimpse to the event. Al-Nadi-al-Burhani was grateful to …Read More

Mohallatul Burhaniyah Premier League

Al Mohallat-Tul-Burhaniya has taken a huge step this year by keeping in mind the benefits of sports activities and highlighting Farman-e-Aaali. Mohallat Burhaniya Premier League is introduced to the community where different teams would compete among themselves and a fascinating team will win the title of MBPL winner. Al-Nadi-al-Burhani is …Read More

Burhani Mega Sports Festival

Toloba Karachi most frequently organizes different festivals and occasions for the people of Dawoodi Bohra Community. This year TOLOBAUL KULLIYAATIL MUMENOON, an organization of the active and devoted students of The Dawoodi Bohra in Karachi organized The BURHANI MEGA SPORTS FESTIVAL and FUN FAIR an annual event to inspire and …Read More