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On-Going Training Programs

Whatever your training requirement, Al-Nadi-al-Burhani Training Academy has the flexibility and expertise to suit
Using our unique facility we can create a bespoke training environment to suit your needs and performance outcomes


    Rs.3499 Monthy Fees + Rs.1000 Registration Fees(One Time)

    Rules & Regulation

    • We don`t assure you that you will get your selected Time Slot, it may depend on number of registrations in that slot .

    • All ANBSA members should pay Fees in advance by 5th of every month.

    • Members should wear proper kit during practice and matches.

    • Members should come on time and follow discipline in and off the field.

    • Members are responsible for the safe custody of their equipment and belongings.

    • ANBSA will not be responsible for any damage for theft.

    • ANB will not be responsible for any type of injury.