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Archery is one of the oldest game still practiced today. The evolution of archery began at the start of mankind’s history, archery was first included in the Olympic Games in 1900.

In addition to physical benefits, archery can improve your mental health as well, archery practice can help you focus better on other areas of life too. Though archery is known as a stationary sport,  archers actually require a huge amount of strength and focus to perform well.

Al Nadi Al Burhani sports academy  is organizing an archery campaign, we are mainly focusing on archery training so we are making it easy for you to take part and being a part of an archery competition, we will be helding the training session for you’ll, that will be conducted from 29th of September, 1 hrs each on Saturday & Sunday. Here are the following information mention below.
1: Total course duration will be 24 hrs.
2: Professional Recurve bows & arrows will be used.
3: This training will be supervised by National Players.
4: After training a competition among all participants will be held.
5: Archery Academy at Nadil Burhani is affiliated with Sindh Archery Association.

At  Al Nadi Al Burhani archers learn to tune out all distractions, focus on their form, and release the bowstring consistently. It will build your strength and skill, increase your draw weight and your self-esteem. Archery is the sports of art and skills using a bow to shoot arrows. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity.  For more information visit our website https://alnadialburhani.com/announcements/archery-crash-course/