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Electronic devices are the rising demand for today’s generation. To live we need water, food, and shelter but a new item has been added to our lifestyle which is technology. Technology has become a necessity for people. With the evolving technology, we ignore the important things which we should do for a good and healthy life.

In the past, our ancestors did not rely on the doctors. Our grandparents would play sports or exercised daily to live a healthy life. They did not have technology which would indulge them in computer games and chat. They would instead play different games and kept themselves active. Nowadays the trend has changed and youngsters are mostly interested in computer games, which affects their life a lot. Concentration and activeness are missing from today’s generation.

Considering the activities of our young generation Al Nadi al Burhani provides five sports academies to keep them healthful and physically fit. It includes Horse riding, Archery, Volleyball, Cricket, and Futsal. With trained coaches and a spacious ground for walking Al Nadi al Burhani provides a clean and green environment for everyone. To become a part of this Recreational Centre register yourselves at https://alnadialburhani.com. Lead a healthy and happy life by staying physically fit.

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