Old Queens Road, Karachi, Pakistan Railways Bridge, Karachi

One thing all Pakistani boys have in common is their deep-rooted love for the game of cricket. This is the reason every road, every park, every school becomes a cricket Ground where there is an impassioned game of cricket in progress. Be it weekdays or weekends; Eid or Ramadan, the cricket fever never abates.

Summer is usually the time when this passion for the game reaches a feverish pitch and boys—young and old—join the cricket academy. Yet, one of the major challenges academies face is the lack of proper grounds, and playing facilities, and another is a dearth of proper coaching.

Al Nadil Burhani Cricket Academy located on Old Queens Road stands out from the innumerable other cricket academies in Karachi because of its sprawling, well maintained grounds and qualified coaches. Located in the center of the metropolis of Karachi, yet, nestled in an area away from pollution, this lush green turf is ideal for our budding cricketing talent to hone their skills. This is the reason youngsters from all over the city look for an opportunity to enroll themselves in the Al Nadil Burhani Cricket Academy because they realize that the right infrastructure, pitch and conditions are what will give them ideal training. No road or park can give them this crucial feature; stadiums and hired grounds are too expensive for everybody to afford.

Furthermore, the coach or trainer can be the magician who can recognize talent and polish it. The right coach can help train young boys as per their age and stamina and gradually build their capacity.  One of the chief reasons why Al Nadil Burhani is hailed as one of the best cricket academies in Karachi is due to its team of professional coaches who have a background of being first class players and coaches. They make the game truly enjoyable, foster teamwork, build confidence and help inculcate good technique and practice, preventing undue injury.

So much talent in Pakistan goes unnoticed or untapped because of the lack of proper grounds, facilities and coaches. Al Nadil Burhani aims to play its role in providing physical fitness opportunities to the youth as well as adults through its archery, futsal, and cricket academy. Visit the ground or register online to begin a memorable cricketing journey. https://alnadialburhani.com/cricket