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It always takes practice to get better, better and best at anything and everything. When it comes to sports, the practice sessions get strict; planning extensively and religiously sticking to the plan is the key to reach the tip of the mountain.

Improving any sports requires consistent determination and discipline. When it comes to futsal the drill remains the same; required hard work always pays well when it comes down to gameplay and it’s always worth the extra mile.

To answer what is Futsal; it is a five-a-side (including goal keeper) small-scale version of football played on a smaller pitch than an outdoor football field with a size 4 ball. This game usually gets more interesting to watch since there are many more flicks, tricks and kicks, as opposed to a game of football.

Indeed to be the best amongst such an interesting game; practice and passion are core values needed. Here Al-Nadi-Al-Burhani’s Futsal academy in Pakistan suggests some tricks to keep getting better at the game:


  1. Use your sole to practice: use the sole of your foot to control the ball. Once you start doing so you will have a lot more options and you will begin to develop the kind of techniques used by Futsal pros. You can practice the use of the sole of your foot by using a wall or passing to a friend.


  1. Play your role loyally: whether you are a goalie or the left wing, whatever your role in the team is, do it to excellence. Be loyal to whichever duty you are assigned on the team; know it well to perform it well.


  1. Play the game in your head first: as a player, imagine all sorts of situations the ball could come to you. While dragging the ball away, before kicking for a goal make sure you go through your move in your head fast enough. Think about the game, plan your moves while you run for the ball. Watching others playing will help you imagine situations and put yourself in their situations in your head to play it out in variations and choose the best to go at it and apply all that to the game.


  1. Keep the ball circulating: Futsal professionals usually don’t keep the ball to them for more than 3 touches. When you keep the ball long to yourself you are keeping it from moving as it should which wastes time.


  1. Know your strength: as a player you always need to be aware of what skill or technique you bring to your team. Know your contribution, excel on it, perfect it and then try to choose another to master.

Join the Futsal Academy Right Away

The Futsal academy at Al-Nadi-Al-Burhani is the best Futsal academy in Pakistan with required equipment and qualified coaches to guide younger ones to a better future in the game.

A 40m x 20m (44 yd × 22 yd) court, goalposts with nets attached made of hemp, jute or nylon and a depth of 80 cm (31 in) at the top and 1 m (3.3 ft) at the bottom is used at Al-Nadi-Al-Burhani to train the young talents at their Futsal academy.

Al-Nadi-Al-Burhani works as a sports academy in Pakistan accommodating archery, horse riding, and cricket and also has a well-equipped gym; Atmosphere in the premises.

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