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Everyone who has once in their life ridden on a horse’s back would agree to this quote, that “To ride on a Horse is to fly without wings”.

If at the end of a bad day you’ve ever mounted a horse, you know how a long ride could turn around that day. Horseback riding is considered to be relaxing, and there is no one who can agree with this claim more than riders themselves.

It may seem like all the rider needs to do to the casual observer is just sit there. The horse is doing all the work, well; anyone with any experience with horse riding will know how wrong it is. There’s far more than one might expect. Horse riding‘s benefits are immense enjoyment, physical and mental fitness, and an opportunity to enjoy the open countryside.

Al Nadi Al Burhani has been a center for learning and practicing horse riding for a long time, and a reliable horse riding academy, and we have been giving Horseback Training for a while now.

Throughout our time giving training for horse riding, we have always witnessed the majority of mothers who brings their children for Horse Riding Training, but themselves are sitting idle, and friends who company friends but have nothing to do when their partner continues horse riding, and for them, we bring our Buddy Package.

Our objective and goal behind the buddy package are to create a bond between mother and child, and for the keen young ones to join groups or do something physically healthy along with their buddies, the perk of this package is that it includes 2 additional Archery Sessions along with 2 additional Horse Riding Sessions.

It’s time to avail the most of Horse Riding Training, bring your buddy along and benefit yourself from the buddy package by one of the biggest training grounds in Karachi, visit us at https://alnadialburhani.com/horse-riding/, and register yourself at the right time.