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Getting up early in the morning and facing the same routine is quite boring. Imagine you could have a walk in fresh air in a beautiful environment with a bunch of flowers surrounding the ground. This can be possible if you add a 20 minute walk in your daily schedule.

Walking has immense benefits which includes healthy heart rate and helps in maintaining weight. It helps in alleviating stress and walking in good environment balances the mood of the person throughout the day. Moreover if you are a clumsy person and need to lose some pounds then you can lose your weight by walking several miles. It won’t cause any penny nor has any side effects. You just need to lace up and step outside.

People who have heart diseases should add this exercise in their daily routine as walking improves circulation of blood and helps in maintaining a good heart beat. Furthermore walking improves brain function and cognitive performance. Indeed it also helps you to have a good sleep.

At Al Nadi al Burhani one can get the perfect atmosphere for walking with the availability of 400 m ground. A spacious ground with five different academies is available for everyone to maintain their physical health. Visit www.alnadialburhani.com to get more details about the ground. Buckle up and let the sunshine fall on your face. A step towards the ground will create a difference in you.