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Parent’s main aim in life would be to see their children study, work hard and excel in life.  They use all possible resources to help their children improve learning skills; it has been proved scientifically that horse riding improves cognitive ability in children. The effect of vibrations which are produced by riding on the horse lead to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system which aids in improving children’s learning skills.

Al Nadi Al Burhani offers horse riding classes to children by expert trainer, the child is professionally trained to tackle with the horse and control it on the ground. Individual attention is given along with lot of opportunities to learn the sport properly. This not only boosts the physical health but mental ability also. Children will learn the wonderful experience of controlling the horse and riding it how they want.

Why learn horse riding?

Al Nadi Al Burhani is a huge area developed to boost sports activities which has numerous benefits. Sports play a vital part in one’s life and also cures a number of diseases. Apart from physical health, horse riding at Al Nadi Al Burhani will help children in;

Developing positive character, companionship and learn problem solving skills; it teaches patience, discipline, empathy, self-control and other traits. Child also learns to tackle the horse being responsible and considerate. Riders learn to become quick thinkers as they have to make quick decisions while riding.

Improves psychological health; Horse riding develops positive psychological feelings. It makes the individual active, happy and relaxed. Riding at a huge ground like Al Nadi Al Burhani creates a feeling of freshness and enthusiasm.

Fun element; Horse riding is fun, children have fun riding and galloping in the open field. It surely is a marvelous sport to experience in lifetime.

Our highly qualified, friendly instructors offer great advice and encouragement for new riders to improve their riding skills and gain further confidence. For more information visit the link https://alnadialburhani.com/