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Sport is an important part of life. They can help you land your dream job. They are a great way to keep you active, stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are a good start. They freshen up mind.

Rashid Latif a former Pakistani wicketkeeper visited Al Nadi al Burhani on Sunday 2nd July 2017. He was a right-handed batsman and represented the Pakistani cricket team in Test cricket and One Day International matches, between 1992 and 2003. He also served as the captain of the Pakistan cricket team in 2003. He took a glimpse at all the academies and encouraged the young enthusiasts who were present in the ground.

When asking upon what skills a cricketer should possess, he replied that a game cannot be taught, it’s an art. It is transferred through generation, therefore, there are very fewer countries who play this sport. He also stated that there isn’t any age for starting cricket.

He gave a message to the young cricketers of Al Nadi al Burhani that: Don’t use any shortcut in your life. Be it education or sports always work hard. Sports freshen up mind. It’s not important to play for the nation but play for yourself.

Moreover, he was very pleased with the environment of Al Nadi al Burhani and he wished good luck to the future generation. Enroll your kids at this sports academy and live a healthy life. Visit the link to view pictures of the event https://alnadialburhani.com/former-pakistani-wicketkeeper-rashid-latif-visits-al-nadi-al-burhani/