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Archery Academy

Archery is something so much more than what meets the eye. It is one of the most important inventions in history and surprisingly has been rapidly growing popular amongst the masses. Archery may come off as a hobby for it is played among friends and families but it is in fact a very sophisticated Olympic-level sport that requires good training from a proper archery academy.

Archery can be traced back to the late Paleolithic period in Egypt where bows and arrows were carved out and used as weapons for warfare. Archery also was used as an instrument to hunt and kill animals for food back in the day however as of today archery has found its way into the recreational and competitive world.

One might see archery to be just an updated version of throwing darts but archery actually involves more work than that. A good amount of upper-body strength, constant focus, consistent precision, regular practice, and a whole lot of determination to hit the bull’s eye every time is what archery is all about.

Archery as a sport is divided into four basic forms; the concept is pretty much the same to shoot arrows at a distance but the game rules and situations are a bit different.

‘Different forms of Archery as a Sport’

  1. Target archery: one of the most commonly played forms of archery. This involves archers shooting arrows from different standard distances to a circular target. The target is usually marked with a multi-colored ring and one small circle in the middle.
  2. Field archery: this one is a combination of target archery and bow hunting since it involves both; target boards and target animals. For field archery, there are 3 rounds to determine the overall score. Target animals are life-sized 2D animal representations placed at different distances.
  3. Clout archery: another competition derived from the concept behind target archery but what makes it different is the variation of archery that has the archer pointing to the ground. This is because the targets are in form of flags with circles that are situated on the ground.
  4. Crossbow archery: not one of the classic cross and bow archery competitions but here the crossbow variant makes the list since the major equipment used here is the crossbow usually custom-made by the archers.

There are much bigger competitions for archery and the biggest of all is the Olympics. For archery training in Karachi for such games form tournaments and competitions an archer for sure needs a competent archery academy in Karachi.

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