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It is crucial that you are in your fittest form during Ramadan. Ibaadat in the form of roza and namaz is most important which is why you need as much energy on hand as possible. For that you need to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to maintain muscle activity and active blood regulation.

You should try to incorporate carbohydrates and proteins during both sehr and iftaar. These types of foods store energy in your body and help you throughout the day. Avoid oily foods because they do not provide any real energy to burn throughout the day. Too much salt can also result in dehydration.

Exercise is important for both physical and mental health. It is vital that such practices are not to be stopped in Ramadan. Regular exercises can make you active and train your body to generate proteins and vitamins to regulate energy properly. This helps avoid lethargy.

Because your food intake is lessened during the month of Ramadan, you should also reduce the intensity of your workouts. Those who already have a tight workout schedule should take it down a few notches, otherwise they risk overworking their body.

A good and soulful morning walk is a perfect option. It will keep you fresh throughout the day and help with your muscles and metabolism. Al Nadi al Burhani is a perfect place to start your day. Its gardens and tranquility provides a much needed contrast to the otherwise busy and hectic city life.

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