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Pakistan, the most populated of all the Muslim countries, besides being rich in culture has an ample sports history. Although the trends of sports with the golden and bad days keep changing, the love for sports remains the same. People here have a craze for sports and over time they have cheered for their favorite sports and players. A number of sports have been played and remained popular. By that time people have seen the downfall of some of the popular sports. However, these things keep changing with the passage of time but people never get tired of cheering for their favorite sports.

A country with so much love for sports should have opportunities to pursue its interest in this field. For this, there are several sports academies for supporting youngsters. Nadi Al Burhani, a famous sports academy in Karachi, has taken the initiative of providing quality training to players. The academy is providing training for popular sports in Pakistan.



Cricket was and is the most popular sport in Pakistan and it has always got the highest attention. Calling Pakistanis a die heart fans of cricket wouldn’t be wrong. This craze sometimes gets seasonal but still, it is the most-watched sport in Pakistan. With the arrival of any event, cricket fever reaches heights. With cheering fans, screenings everywhere, and sharing posts on social media, cricket events are celebrated as festivals.

Our national team has won several international tournaments including the Cricket World Cup and ICC World Twenty20. All these are because of the highly trained cricketers. Sports academies like Nadi Al Burhani know the importance of training and encouragement for athletes. That is why they are providing facilities for youngsters to pursue their dreams in cricket.


Football is the most popular of all the sports in the world. However, its popularity is currently in the development stage in Pakistan. It is watched mostly in urban centers of Pakistan. With the developing stardom, football fever has risen a lot.

Now many sports academies like Nadi Al Burhani are providing training specifically for football to elevate its popularity in Pakistan. It is a trustable place to get one’s skills polished.


Hockey, although, is the national game of Pakistan but its popularity has decreased as compared to cricket and football. However, the Pakistani hockey team is counted among the best-ranking teams in the world. Pakistan is among the founding members of the Asian hockey federation. Hockey graced Pakistan with 3 Olympics gold medals and 4 world cups. The interest of people is now not on that level. Lack of infrastructure and stardom are the contributing factors in the decline of hockey’s popularity.


Pakistan has dominated squash for a long time and is one of the most popular sports in Pakistan. Players like Jahangir and Janshair Khan remained undefeated for a long time. Together they made Pakistan the most decorated squash nation in the world. Currently, the popularity is decreasing because of the decreasing number of squash courts and high membership fees.

Not only squash, most of the popular sports have the same story. That is why Nadi Al Burhani had taken the step to improve sports training. They have this elite sports ground in Karachi for adding to the skills of learners.


Volleyball is a popular game among youngsters and is quite appreciated by them. There are many inter-school or college volleyball events organized by private institutions. Volleyball is quite popular but the fewer courts are declining the interest of people. Nadi Al Burhani sports academy with its well-maintained volleyball court is aiding the players to improve their abilities.

Nadi Al Burhani has all the necessary facilities required in a great sports academy. They have sent many skilled players to the professional level. The trainers or coaches and the sports courts everything is ideal enough for the complete training of an individual. You can check their website for further details.

Website link: https://alnadialburhani.com/