Old Queens Road, Karachi, Pakistan Railways Bridge, Karachi


A sport of concentration, a sport of attentiveness.

Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting an arrow. Al-Nadil-Al-Burhani introduces the sport of archery where young professionals use their confidence and persuasion to shoot an arrow using a bow. This notorious game is widely admired by young and spirited individuals and our members give you the best coaching on how you can master this tremendous sport.


If you have flexibility, endurance, stamina and stability than no other sport is better for you then cricket. A highly apprehended and renowned sport that is relished by all ages throughout the globe. Al-Nadil-Al-Burhani comprises of a huge cricket field with an astonishing serene environment. Adequately designed, the field of our sports academy is eye catching for all cricket enthusiasts.
Jammed with strategies and tactics, our instructors ensure you with all the physical fitness you require and modify your dexterity for becoming a professional player.


When it comes to improving your aerobic capacity, your cardiovascular health, and enhancing your teamwork, there is no better sport than football. This sport focuses on teamwork and determination and requires generous energy expenditure.
Our court size distributed widely with (44yd x 22yds) is the best place to conquer your competencies.

We also serve you with the best instructors that polish and refine your skill as a football player.


There are many ways to train, but scientists are fascinated by intense workouts because, when done correctly, you can see great benefits in less time.

Al-Nadil-Al-Burhani introduces a fitness gym under the name of Atmosphere which is the perfect place for an effective training including boxing, cardio and strength.

Offering the best facilities for both men and women we have personal trainers who will walk you through every step of the process.

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