Old Queens Road, Karachi, Pakistan Railways Bridge, Karachi

Burhani Guards Trust – Pakistan had gather to celebrate Independence Day on 14th August 2018 at 07:30 a.m. at Al Nadi Al Burhani Sports Complex (Old Queens Road), Karachi.

Al Mohtarram Janab Mustansir Bhaisaheb, Al Mohtarram Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb, presided the FLAG HOISTING CEREMONY.

The Programme was started with recitation of Quran Majeed followed by Naat-e-Rasool-e-Maqbool, Independence Day Speeches, National Song and Tablo Performance by Burhani Scouts Group, Award Distribution Ceremony, Band Display by Burhani Band Group, Madeh and ended with Wazifat-tus-Shukar.

A large number of Burhani Guard Members, Ummal Kiraam, Ayaan-ul-Jamaat, Government Officials and General Mumineen were present at the auspicious occasion to celebrate National Spirits.