Old Queens Road, Karachi, Pakistan Railways Bridge, Karachi

Mohallat Burhaniya Premier League is based on idea like IPL and PSL.There are 4 Teams in this Tournament named as Burhani Warriors,Muffadal Tigers, Badri Royals and Taheri Panthers.

On 2nd step players were requested to register online on the MBPL Website from where players were categorized into 3 Category which were Platinum, Gold and Silver

Platinum Category 5000 Points
Gold Category 2000 Points
Silver Category 1000 Points

Platinum Category Player bid could go upto 20,000 Points after which a close bidding took place in which owners were given blank chits in which they can give their maximum bid to that player Same goes for other two Categories the difference was in Gold Maximum bid could go upto 15000 and in Silver Category maximum bid could go upto 10000

After this Auction was taken place where every team owner had to select 14 players of squad with 125,000 Points. All the league Matches will be taken place at Al Nadil Burhani Queens Road Ground.We appreciate the support of Al Nadil Burhani Team helping us in making this even a successful and giving us all the support.

MBPL 1st Edition is now on its way and 3rd April 2016 was the Inaugural Day for the Event Amil Saheb Janab Sh Ishaq Bhai and Moawin Amil Janab Sh Mustafa Bhai
Jack and Mohallat Burhaniya Trustees were also present.