Old Queens Road, Karachi, Pakistan Railways Bridge, Karachi

On the blessed afternoon of January 16th, an optimistic and generous legend inspired the audience with his heartwarming presence at the formidable ground of AL-Nadi-al-Burhani.
This generous legend was none other than a former captain of the Pakistani cricket team Mr. Shahid Khan Afridi also known as ‘Boom Boom’ for his followers. This renowned player is one of the most respected in the history of cricket who has made numerous contributions to the game.

The crowd burst into excitement as the headliner entered the field in such a way as if he was entering the stadium like old times.

The event was organized by the diligent volunteers of Al-Nadi-al-Burhani, and was held at one of the finest gyms in Pakistan titled ‘Atmosphere’.

The primary reason for this event was to educate people about a non-profit organization “Shahid Afridi Foundation”, under the slogan of “Hope – Not Out”. This foundation was formed with the objective to improve the conditions of the most destitute communities of our society and to provide the underprivileged and vulnerable souls with a ray of hope.
We can proudly state that Shahid Khan Afridi has teamed up with an ambitious team to create impact and change lives by focusing on Health, Education, Access to Water, Sports Rehabilitation and Emergency Relief Response.

When asked by an individual what was his inspiration behind this foundation, the former captain stated that these helpless humans used to travel on foot at a very long distance just to provide themselves with a basic necessity of water and that they were disadvantaged even to go to school.
These courses of events inspired him to empower vulnerable communities where healthcare facilities are not accessible.

The list of facilities that were highlighted by the foundation during the events was:
• Health
• Education
• Water
• Sport Rehabilitation
• Emergency Relief Response
• Shoe Drive
• Rain Relief

The people were speechless after such an inspiring event, the media, the crowd, the fans, everyone was looking for an opportunity to donate to this foundation because they were inspired by the words of ‘Boom Boom’.
Now, Shahid Afridi Foundation plans for the funding and scaling of the organization to reach new parameters.
We are extremely pleased with the team of Al-Nadi-al-Burhani, who made this happen and created an opportunity for us to meet the savior of our society.