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World Archery Online Series

“Abira From Sindh Occupied Seventh Position
Secured First Position All Across Pakistan in Stage Four, Rashid held strong at 8th Position”.

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Archery might be considered a fun sport but this extreme sport is much more than that. If you’ve ever met a professional archer, you would know that it requires a considerable amount of strength and focus which keeps the player fit and healthy.

The most influential part of this sport is that this powerful sport is open to all audiences. Even a person with severe disabilities can enjoy this sport.

A whole lot of benefits are associated with archery comprising:

  • Patience
  • Focus
  • Strength Building
  • Hand Flexibility

Under the supervision of The Pakistan Archery Federation and Sindh Archery Association, a World Archery Online Series among women was held, in which Abira Munir from Sindh once again lifted the flag of Pakistan with pride by securing the seventh position in the world while first position in Pakistan.

Among 4500 participants from all over the world, Moiz Sadriwala & Habeeb Mustafa were fortunate to participate in The World Archery Indoor World Series – Online (Stage 4) from our Al- Nadi-Al-Burhani Academy.

Around 300 archers participated in this event from Pakistan.

The secretary of Sindh Archery Association, Mansoor Shehzad also gave the insight by stating that under the management of Archery Federation, the scores were also displayed online during the event.

This spectacular event was held at the gymnasium of Karachi University where Abira from Sindh, held the seventh position across the world and first in Pakistan with an outstanding score of 587/600.

These emerging Women from Sindh made the entire nation proud:

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  • Shehwar Nasir secured 11th position in Pakistan.
  • Bushra stood strong at 31st position.
  • Faiza at 33rd
  • Alina Zubair at 34th
  • Nargis Zubair at 35th
  • Tooba Rizvi at 36th
  • Sadaf at 37th

On the other hand, even men didn’t fall behind in making our country proud.

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  • Rashid Ahmed Masood secured 8th position in Pakistan.
  • Abdul Noor stood strong at 11th position.
  • Raja Akmal at 15th
  • Haris Naeem at 19th
  • Syed Asad at 35th
  • Moiz Sadriwala at 41st
  • Hassan Abdullah at 42nd
  • Shafiullah at 44th
  • Syed Mohammad Kamran at 45th
  • Habib at 46th
World Archery Online Series