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Teenagers today benefit from participating in sports competition in a variety of ways, from fostering companionship and teamwork to improving physical and personal abilities. Athletes learn about the difficulties of both winning and losing.

As per His Holiness Aqa Mufaddal Saifuddin’s wishes, we should all strive to live a healthy and peaceful life. Al-Nadi-Al-Burhani, the ambassador of sports upliftment is returning with the same enthusiasm this time at Schoolathon 2022, the largest competition among 7 schools, after an enormous reaction at Schoolathon 2020 hosted on the magnificent fields of Nadi-Al-Burhani.

Events Deliver Beneficial Impact

  • Understanding the value of training and preparation.
  • Developing self-control and emotional management skills.
  • Aim to improve and pushing yourself to new limits.
  • Finding new companions and meet new people.
  • Making a conscious effort to be more determined and resilient.

Torch Lighting Ceremony

“The flame’s purity is ensured by the unique method of igniting it.”

The origination of the 2022 Schoolathon will begin with the torch lighting ceremony which is also a representation of the continuity between ancient and modern games.


Categories to Look Forward to

  • Archery:

A game that boosts your upper strength, social skills and confidence, last year the students showcased an amazing skill level while performing in the archery competition. This year, we expect even more competitiveness since the students are more prepared than before.

small boy with arrow


  • Volleyball:

This game enhances your energy levels to improve your overall well-being. The applause was never ending at the 2020 Schoolathon event while this game was being performed. Without a doubt, the kids provided an amazing competition for the spectators.

boy playing


  • Athletics:

Athletic performance is highly valued in the society we live today. This year at the 2020 Schoolathon, the selected participants from all the 7 schools will compete in 100 and 200 meter flat and hurdle races which will take place throughout the event.


Aside from the categories listed above, many additional entertaining games will be held this year including:

Visitors and participants will also have access to food stalls.

As the event is coming closer, we wish all the participant good luck. We know you’ve all put in the time and hard work, and now it’s time for you to shine!

May the best team wins.